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Here is where you can buy some miniature pianos of your own. If you are interested in buying one of these pianos, please use the contact form below. I will then let you know the shipping cost of the piano and how to pay. Be sure to indicate the item number of the piano you are interested in buying. Thank you!

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Item #96a. This plastic goldtone piano trinket box was made in Hong Kong. It measures 5 3/4" long, 2 3/4" high, and 3 3/4" across. It has several compartments inside. $5.00.


Item #96b. This piano trinket box pictured is an older piece. It is made of metal except the part that has the flowers; that is made of porcelain or enamel. The hinges are broken and the lid is detachable. It is in lovely condition otherwise considering its age. It is 4" long, 2 1/4" high, and 3" across. $5.00.


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